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Progression at Global 🎉

Welcome to the home of the Career Pathways Framework here at Global. This site has been built to provide clearer direction and clarity for those in the Technology & Digital team, for areas that they can focus on for development, and to provide a tool to support open and fair conversations between managers and their reports.

This Framework has been developed collaboratively across the team and at all levels; there are more disciplines to follow and comments and improvements welcome via Will Hutchinson or Anahita Heir.

We’re gradually building this out across teams within the department, so if you can’t see your department on here yet - stay tuned or get involved in supporting its development yourself!

For anyone who isn’t at Global but would be interested in working with great colleagues, solving interesting problems and making products that are used by millions... amazing! 🙌 You can find out more here:
Global Jobs

So... how does it work? 🤔

On the sidebar, you’ll find our “Generic” attributes. These are attributes which we see as being core to all Globallers in Tech & Digital. Navigating the levels in the top right will show how these attributes change as Globallers develop their careers.

Each team has it’s own section, where you’ll see the “Generic” attributes alongside each team’s own set of “Mastery” attributes. These attributes are specific to mastering a particular skillset associated with a team.

All attributes (including the “Generic” ones) are designed to provide direction, but also to constantly evolve. So please do make suggestions and changes! We want Globallers to be the best they can be, which only happens with everyone’s input!

Take a look around and let us know what you think! 🚀

Please note that this Framework is forked from the brilliant open source Monzo framework:
Monzo Framework